EU lawmakers to beef up data protection laws

Flag of the European Union
BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union lawmakers are set to hold a first vote on sweeping new data protection rules to strengthen online privacy and outlaw most data transfers to other countries’ authorities to prevent spying.

The draft regulation was beefed up after Edward Snowden’s leaks about allegedly widespread U.S. online snooping. It foresees stringent privacy protection and stiff fines for violations that could have significant implications for U.S. internet companies.

The legislation is expected to pass a committee vote late Monday. It’s likely to be amended later on since it also requires approval by Parliament’s plenary and the EU’s 28 member states.

Supporters hail it as a milestone toward establishing genuine online privacy rights, while opponents warn of creating a hugely bureaucratic regulation that will overwhelm businesses and consumers.

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  1. Denton says:

    Bad news for U.S. companies, especially for Google and Yahoo. I hope Apple will protect itself.

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