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Samsung wants Olympians to hide the Apple logo on their iPhones during opening ceremonies

Olympians to hide the Apple logo
Image source:http://appleinsider.com/

Samsung is giving a free Galaxy Note 3 to every athlete competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics, but those who receive one are reportedly required to ensure that the Apple logo is nowhere to be seen if they use an iPhone to record events at the opening ceremonies.

Olympians have increasingly turned to smartphones to capture photos and video of the festivities, and the handsets are often caught by television cameras covering the event. Samsung wants to ensure its brand is the only one seen, according to a report from Slashgear.
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US to NY court: Reject Apple’s monitor challenge

Earns Apple

NEW YORK (AP) — The Justice Department asked a federal appeals court Friday to let a monitor continue reviewing Apple’s antitrust policies over the company’s objections.

Government lawyers filed papers with the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, saying Apple Inc.’s arguments are without merit as the company tries to stop the monitoring it complains is “a roving investigation.”
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App Watch: Will you be my Between? App for lovers

South Korea Digital Life App Watch Between

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — If ever in doubt about your guy’s commitment to a relationship, ask him if he would commit to an app.

A growing number of young couples in Asia are sharing special moments in the privacy of Between, a tight networking app that links only two people.
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SF to vote on Apple and Google employee shuttle regulations

SF Tech Shuttle Buses

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco transportation officials are voting on a new plan to regulate employee shuttles for companies like Facebook, Google and Apple and charge a fee for the use of public bus stops by the private vehicles. The city’s Municipal Transportation Agency is expected to approve the pilot program at its meeting Tuesday.

The private shuttle buses transport thousands of workers each day, but have also created traffic on the city’s narrow streets and become a symbol of economic inequality and the area’s rising housing costs.
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Gadget Watch: Car game leaves Hot Wheels in dust

Gadget Show-Gadget Watch-iPhone Toy Car Game

LAS VEGAS (AP) — So long, Hot Wheels.

You just got lapped by toy race-car company Anki, which showcased its iPhone-controlled car game at Apple’s developers conference in June. At the International CES gadget show in Las Vegas this week, Anki gave onlookers hands-on time with its high-tech game, Anki Drive.
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