Kids Not Eating Their Veggies? Try Homemade Smoothies

For parents who are concerned about what their kids are eating, homemade smoothies are an excellent way to ensure that they get all the necessary nutrients they need for the day. It’s one of the easiest ways to get them their 5 full servings of vegetable/fruits a day.

The best part is, it’s actually a fun way to show your kids how to get involved in the kitchen and learn the benefits of fresh fruits/veggies.

A great advantage of using a blender for making your smoothies is that you get to use the entire fruit. This means that unlike regular fruit juices (even those made from a juicer), you not only get the benefit of the juice, but you get all the pulp and fiber to go along with it. Fiber is the reason you feel a lot more “full” after you drink a glass of your favorite smoothie. It carries with it many benefits, including the ability to eliminate internal waste and help digest food more easily.

There are many healthy ingredients that you can use to create a huge variety of homemade smoothies. You can create creamy smoothies by using ingredients like milk and yogurt. Feel free to mix or change it up a bit to suit your personal needs/preference. For example, switch to lactose-free milk if you are intolerant, soy milk if you are concerned about the fat. This is doable for many of the ingredients, not just milk. For example, you can use honey as a healthier alternative to sugar. Your imagination is the limit.

Most people when they make their smoothies, use only fruits. Are you aware that you can create great tasting smoothies using vegetables too?

Having the right combination of fruits and vegetables in your smoothie not only tastes great, but it can also ensure that your kids are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals they need from their leafy greens. There are so many options available. You can use can use celery, brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbages, etc.

These smoothies make the perfect nutritional dessert. They’re delicious, healthy, and something your kids will actually look forward to!

Chocolate in your smoothie is another popular recipe for kids of all ages when it comes to creating a dessert style smoothie. Instead of using store bought chocolates, consider using cocoa powder.

For adults, you can even serve up cocktail smoothies. Rum and gin are great addition to smoothies with sweeter tasting fruits. For a quick energy boost, adding a bit of coffee works too!

There are just so many ways you can create your homemade smoothies. They can be as healthy as you want them, or as sweet as you prefer them to be. You have complete control over what you put inside. If you’re getting tired or your usual smoothie recipes and want to try something new, fun, or exciting then check out “Sensational Smoothies: Drink Your Way To Health Deliciously

This collection has over 180 fun and refreshing smoothie recipes that will help you stay hooked on this healthy journey. There are recipes for fruit smoothies, diet smoothies, breakfast smoothies and a whole bunch of other great recipes.

The ingredients used for making these are all commonly available and easy to obtain. The instructions are straight-forward and the recipes are all kitchen-tested so you know they will all turn out great.