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New Painting App to Wow You

iPhone and Ipad owners who are art enthusiasts will find another reason to like the device as a new app designed for these Apple gadgets is released, taking art experience to the next level. ‘Repentir’ is basically a painting app, the main feature of which is to allow art viewers to actually see the trails in the painting – from sketches to the finished form.

Write: New Text-Editing Dropbox App for iPhone

Write is text-editing software allowing Dropbox users to create standard text files as well as  Markdown formatted text with a unique set of tools. On launching the app, you will be guided through its features by a brief tutorial, after which you will have to thether Write to your Dropbox account. Those who aren’t signed up with Dropbox can’t use the application.

Microsoft Updates My Xbox Live with Xbox Smartglass Extension

Last December, Microsoft debuted an iOS version of My Xbox Live, bringing a number of options like profile editing, messaging, friend lists and achievements to iDevices. The app’s limited functionality was compensated by its free availability, so the number of downloads quickly reached hundreds of thousands.

Native YouTube App Now Available on iPhone

Not so long ago, Apple revealed that iOS 6 will arrive without the dedicated YouTube app that has been an integral part of the system for years since the original iPhone debut. However, Google assured users that a native iOS application was already underway, and now the promised software is available in the App Store free of charge.

Apple Fixes Installer Bug in App Store

Apple has been quick to address the latest glitch in the Mac App Store that which caused newly-updated applications to crash. The issue was first spotted by Marco Arment, creator of the widely popular Instapaper title. Users who were affected by the issue can now remove the corrupted app versions from their computers and re-download the corrected versions from the store. The company doesn’t expect the bug to trouble its customers ever again.