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Apple to Announce iPhone 5, iPad mini, New iPod Nano on September 12th

iMore has reportedly heard from reliable supply chain sources that Apple will unveil its sixth-generation iPhone, 7.85-inch ‘iPad mini’ and revamped iPod nano at a special event on September 12th. 9 days later, the long-rumored iPhone update will finally hit the market, the website added.

iPhone 5 Already in Production at Pegatron

According to a new report from the occasionally reliable DigiTimes, Apple’s next-generation iPhone has entered volume production at Pegatron’s plant in Shanghai. The timing is consistent with previous assertions by Japanese tech blog MacOtakara, which claimed Apple is about to ramp up manufacture of the widely anticipated iPhone 5 any day. That also lines up with the September/October timeframe pegged as most likely release window for the future product.

Next iPad To See Return To One-LED Design

Another DigiTimes report suggests the next-gen iPad may incorporate a once-used one-LED backlight design instead of the two-LED module found in the current tablet. The change is again said to address overheating issues, as the second LED along with the energy required to power it reportedly increases the temperature levels of the devices. According to the publication’s sources from the Far East, switching back to the one-LED concept wouldn’t affect clarity and luminosity of the iPad screen.

iPhone 5 to Arrive with Quad-Core CPU

DigiTimes has reportedly heard from its Far East sources that Apple will equip its sixth iPhone with a quad-core ARM chip based on Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture. Other details on the purported CPU, including graphics processing capabilities or clock speed, haven’t been provided.

Six New Apple Stores to Open in China in 2012-2013

Two years ago, Apple’s former retail head Ron Johnson announced that the company was planning to open up to 25 new retail locations in China over the next two years. Apple had only a single retail outlet in Beijing then – the opening was timed to the 2008 Summer Olympics held in the city.

Now, in 2012, there are still just six Apple Stores in Greater China, five of which are located in the mainland and one in Hong Kong. Reuters wittily noted that the company has more retail stores in Pennsylvania (the state numbers eight outlets) than in Greater China.