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Apple offers iPhone trade-in ahead of unveiling

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Excited about the new iPhone expected to be unveiled Sept. 10? Apple will now join others in allowing you to trade in your old model.
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Recent Apple Scandal in China

People’s Daily, the official newspaper of Communist Party in China, has named Apple as well as some other companies after an investigation of porn content presented in app stores and websites. Thus, the “fruit company” is having problems with the Chinese government as the iPhone producer was included into the list of companies, which are said to offer pornographic material on their websites or app stores.

Apple Store’s New Look Could Affect App Devs

Some of the new products that were in Apple’s mobile app search and discovery platform, also called the 2012 Acquisition Chomp, led to creation of the new iOS 6 App Store. A website called 9to5Mac.com published pictures of Apple’s Beta version of its iOS and by now several other sites have used it as well. One of the most notable characteristics from Chomp is the new App Store design, now users can apply swipeable cards instead of the traditional icons and text when browsing through for apps. Chomp’s original iOS app has its app search put into segments, depending on the details about the app like; it’s a free app, news app, app on sale and what not. However, in the new version of the iOS’s app Store, Apple’s system for arranging apps seems to be still more or less the same.

Six New Apple Stores to Open in China in 2012-2013

Two years ago, Apple’s former retail head Ron Johnson announced that the company was planning to open up to 25 new retail locations in China over the next two years. Apple had only a single retail outlet in Beijing then – the opening was timed to the 2008 Summer Olympics held in the city.

Now, in 2012, there are still just six Apple Stores in Greater China, five of which are located in the mainland and one in Hong Kong. Reuters wittily noted that the company has more retail stores in Pennsylvania (the state numbers eight outlets) than in Greater China.

Apple to open new stores in U.S., U.K., France and more

In 2011, Apple revealed its plan to spend around $900 million to open 40 new retail stores this year. Multiple reports pointed in March to future outlets in Australia, Germany, France and Spain, while several tips this week confirmed a bunch of new retail spaces in the U.K., Canada and France. Ten of the 10 stores scheduled to debut in 2012 will launch on Apple’s home turf, two of which will be situated in California and Salt Lake City.