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Apple: Undisputed First Runner in the CES Conversations

CES is the place where cocktail and hallway chats focus on the things happening in the electronics world. For the last three years, these chats have been focused primarily on the electronic juggernaut – Apple. The fact that Apple does not even bother to attend the show makes the fact an even greater irony. While other giants like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Acer, Dell, Motorola and others are crying themselves hoarse when parading their latest inventions the invisible presence of, Apple still manages to steal the show from under them.

Rumors of Apple TV Rising

It has been 2 years already since gossips have spread on a planned innovation by Apple Inc., the giant manufacturer of iPhones and iPads. The rumors have it that Apple is conceptualizing a possible entry to the electronics market, this time aiming to gain a foothold in the television industry.

Apple TV to Play Along Rather Than Play a New Game

Apple continues to expand into the TV space; yet the mobile giant keeps on concluding that it is better for it to play along than to play a new game. The main idea is that Apple wanted to change the way people watch TV, and therefore also the way they pay for watching TV. This implied that the company had to get into talks with people who make TV content. But this is impossible even for Apple as the content providers might not be willing to change the way they run their business, and/or Apple is reluctant to pay them the amount they require, or all the above.

Apple may introduce Face Time, motion control accessory for other HDTV brands

Jeremy Allaire, chief of Internet video provider Brightcove, anticipates Apple to launch a separate FaceTime and motion control accessory along with a full-featured TV set. The unit, described as a “black bar,” will supposedly be 3inches wide and an inch tall, allowing users to easily mount it to the top of any non-Apple HDTV.