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EFI Update Allegedly Slows Down Retina MacBook Pro Chip

Several Retina MacBook Pro owners have complained on Apple’s support forum that they have seen their frame rates cut while running graphically-heavy apps on Nvidia GeForce GT 650M after installing the latest EFI update. The bug can’t be replicated consistently, with a SMC reset temporarily resolving the issues, which seem to hit largely when waking a machine from sleep, using Windows in Boot Camp or gaming.

Apple launches EFI updates for mid-2010 MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, enables Lion Recovery

On Wednesday, Apple released three EFI updates for mid-2010 portables and Mac minis with a purpose to allow for Lion Recovery from an internet connection. Users who aren’t able to boot from their hard drive anymore or don’t have a physical backup due to installing a blank new hard drive can now restore the system by re-downloading it from the Mac App Store.