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iPhone Sales at Sprint Remain at 1.5M

While the two biggest U.S. carriers, Verizon and AT&T, saw a sequential drop in their iPhone sales, Sprint revealed on Thursday that it sold 1.5 million handsets in the second quarter, the same number sold a quarter ago.

The company also announced that the device played an important part in luring new subscribers to its network, as 40% of iPhones were activated in the June quarter by new postpaid users. While the same 1.5 million iPhones were sold by Sprint in the previous frame, 44% of buyers were new to the carrier.

Half of Verizon Subscribers Use Smartphones, 2.7M iPhones Sold in Q2

As newly reported by Verizon CEO Fran Shammo, nearly 50% of all subscribers on the carrier’s network are now smartphone users. This is a 13.8% increase as compared to the second quarter of last year, when the smartphone penetration rate at Verizon was just 36%. From the previous quarter of 2012, this figure also climbed up 3 points.

Qantas Airlines to Ditch BlackBerry in Favor of iPhone

The iPhone continues to gain wide adoption among major Australian companies, as Qantas Airlines has newly revealed its plans to use Apple’s handsets instead of the currently employed BlackBerries. All 1,300 corporate-sponsored RIM phones should be replaced in the nearest time. Aside from the fact that the iPhone is favored by both staff members and upper management, the move is meant to significantly reduce associated costs for Australia’s national airline.

Dropping Sales at Wintek May Point to In-Cell Panels for iPhone 5

In his latest research note, Brian White with Topeka highlighted a drastic slide in sales at Apple’s long-time touch panel supplier Wintek. The analyst claims that the company has seen one of the steepest drops in shipments in its history. Rather than speculating that the decline results from overall weakness in Apple products, though, White views it as evidence of the iPhone maker switching to in-cell touch technology in its future devices. 

Tim Cook at D10: several iPhone parts are made in US

At Tuesday’s “D10,” Tim Cook said the company is planning to reduce its reliance on overseas component makers by adding several U.S.-made parts to the black version of the current iPhone 4S, including the Gorilla Glass and ARM chip.