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Intel Processors in Apple Macs Might be Replaced

Apple is planning to replace the Intel microprocessors being used in its Mac laptops and desktops with the chips similar to the ones used in iPads and iPhones in a few years. These chips are created as per Apple specifications and are now almost capable of being used in Apple desktops. People familiar with the matter said that while these chips used in mobile devices were not capable of handling bigger computers earlier, the current changes have made them much faster and more robust.

Latest MacBooks Hit by Adobe InDesign Bug, Issue Being Addressed

Adobe has warned new MacBook Pro and Air users running OS X 10.7.4 not to install the newly issued software update if they don’t want their Adobe InDesign CS5, 5.5 or 6 to start acting up. Those plagued by the glitch report that the program crashes every time a pop-up dialogue box appears, which would normally happen when running the software.

The Retina Powered MacBook Pro is a Must Have

Just two years back the MacBook Pro was replaced by the new MacBook Air. The Air was more powerful, slimmer and looked cooler. But now the MacBook Pro has made a return with a slimmer body and a stunning new screen. This opens up a whole new debate as to which is better.

One of the first things people will notice with the new Retina Pro is the fact that it’s slightly heavier than the Air. However, there is a bigger issue for people who want to have a laptop they can easily lug around and that is the physical size of the Retina Pro.

WWDC to see massive Mac update?

According to 9to5Mac, Apple will announced updates to nearly all of its Mac products at WWDC 2012. At least four of the existing five Mac lines are slated for upgrades, the website claims. 

Numerous reports point to a refreshed MacBook Pro, which will allegedly feature a thinner form factor. Other solid candidates for an update are the MacBook Air and iMac. Apple is said to equip both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Retina Displays.

New MacBook Pros said to receive faster SSD

Uncorroborated reports of Apple testing MacBook Pro prototypes powered by Ivy Bridge chips and equipped with latest-gen SSD storage may signal that the company is considering bringing the faster drives onto its notebook updates, which are anticipated to feature an ultraslim MacBook Air-like design and arrive in the coming months. For now, it’s unclear if the systems would keep providing enough space for traditional laptop HDDs.

Despite being much faster than conventional hard drives, SSD storage is currently significantly pricier to offer. However, average prices are dropping lately, which will raise consumer demand.